[FALK0A] - Tónmennt

by Harry Knuckles



With Tónmennt, Frimannsson delves further into the mythos surrounding HARRY KNUCKLES, a man who he considers one of Icelandic music’s greatest enigmas, the Zelig of the country’s post-punk generation.

Information about Knuckles’ real name is almost non-existent, but speak to those who hung around the music scene in Reykjavik in the early and mid-1980s and the name of Knuckles keeps popping up in various stories and legends. He taught Björk how to play guitar while she was still a teenager; He introduced Sugarcubes frontman Einar Örn Benediktsson to Dada as well as the UK music industry. He was the vibeman and advisor to the band Þeyr in their early years, going on to teach chaos magick to collaborator and head of the Icelandic neo-pagan church Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson; He procured heroin for Nick Cave during his infamous 1986 visit to Iceland on the "Your Funeral My Trial" tour. Harry Knuckles the man was everywhere, yet nowhere.

However during a mushroom infused trip in 1988, Knuckles claimed to have seen a vision of the Icelandic music scene 30 years into the future where, thanks to the effort of his musical comrades, Icelandic music as successful but dull, a slave to corporate interests and aesthetically flat, devoid of the spirit that made the music of his time so exciting. Despite efforts to warn and stop this turn of events from happening, Knuckles found himself made a pariah by the great and good of Iceland’s underground music scene, subsequently banished and written out of the official “Rokk í Reykjavik” histories from that time.

But a chance meeting in 2013 between Frímansson and Knuckles (who by now was working as a car mechanic and calling himself Bjarni) in the village of Breiðdalsvík saw the two hit it off over a burst tyre and several cups of coffee. This meeting of two disparate minds led to the revival of the HARRY KNUCKLES name and with Tónmennt, Frímannsson seeks to carry on the saga of Knuckles by creating a set of musical, a new language of noise for aspiring awkward musicians and miscreants out there.

Through a series of 20 “hlustunardæmi” (Or “audio examples”), Knuckles seeks to disturb, rearrange and expand the listener’s ideas on music with a medley of found sounds, sample collages, distorted beat loops and palette cleansing noise textures. Over the course of the record’s 35 minutes, it’s a journey into the fevered brainscape of one Iceland’s most intriguing and restless music talents.


released February 12, 2016

(c) 2010 - 2016 Frímann Frímannsson
(p) 2016 FALK

Design: Blaldur Björnsson

Öll réttindi áskilin.

Hljóðsnældu þessa má ekki afrita, að hluta eða heild, án skriflegs leyfis höfundar eða útgefanda



all rights reserved


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