[FALK0E] Penance Room Seance

by Okishima Island Tourist Association



In January this year (2016) FALK travelled to Glasgow to take part in
Timothy McQuillian's (of DDN) birthday concert series around the city. Our own AMFJ was playing at the 13th Note edition of the festival along with some choice bands from the area and it was all good. But it was different when Okishima Island Tourist Association came on stage.

We instantly got the feeling that this is what everybody had been waiting for and there was a kind of a silence in the room that you'd expect if royalty would suddenly appeared in the room. Nobody wanted to step outside for a cigarette, and orders where made quietly at the bar. A strong air of collective respect had filled the room.

All lights in the venue were turned off while Cummings and Glass operated their gear using flashlights while blinding us with strobes. The set had a slow burning intensity about it; building on single signals that layering towards a grand wall of noise that then crashed on top of us with screams of pure destruction.

Afterwards, it was as if the crowd all came up for air after a long and frantic ascend to the surface. We had dived for treasure where sun doesn't shine, it was at a deep were no man should venture but we came back with gems long ago forgotten.

But we knew there was a lot more down there and couldn't wait to dive again.

FALK invites you on another journey into the darkened deep to discover brilliant ectoplasmic noise gems from these true Glaswegian noise legends.

Please enjoy.


released August 15, 2016

All music by Lea Cummings and Sarah Glass
Cover Art by Lea Cummings and Sarah Glass
(p) FALK - Fuck Art Let's Kill 2016



all rights reserved


FALK Reykjavik, Iceland

FALK - Fuck Art Let's Kill is the name of our combined interest in what we think is important in some vague way. We make something and release it to fend for it self. To kill or be killed. Such is the way of the FALK.

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