Our latest release is a digital only EP from FALK co-founder and purveyor of Hopekrusher brutalist electronics, Aðalsteinn Jörundsson, aka AMFJ.

It’s been a while coming… A full five years in fact since the last solo release from AMFJ, 2011’s ‘Bæn’. What has been happening since then? Why the silence, you ask? Well, life has a funny habit of blindsiding you. Work, life, family, the crushing pessimism of the cosmos.
But AMFJ has still been busy, working diligently and releasing tracks for a variety of split releases and compilations.

And then there was the small case of his music. Since having an epiphany while attending a DJ set of balls to the wall Detroit techno at the SONAR music festival in 2012, Jörundsson has undergone a slow but thorough reworking of the AMFJ sound, method, and concept that has now resounded in Ball a short, sharp, shock of power electronics that sucks all the air out of the room as it implodes your senses.
Many of the same AMFJ characteristics are still there - the blown out distortion, metallic tonal shards that tear at your cranium, and a thunderous aesthetic that believes that pain is merely just the affect of pleasure taken to the next level – there is more finesse, more attention to detail. Jörundsson not only tries to hold onto the lightning, with Ball he attempts to bottle it, distill its essence of pure technoise malevolence.

Merry Christmas to you all. HAHAHAHA!!!


released December 12, 2016

All music by Aðalsteinn Jörundsson (aka AMFJ)
Cover photo: Catharine Fulton
Cover design: Sveinbjörn Pálsson
Mastering: William Blakeny
FALK 10/14 22/13/00-∞

Thanks to my family: Catharine, Esja Mae, Gola Madeline and Ísak for the patience. To my friends and co conspirators at FALK; Bob Cluness, Baldur Björnsson, Einar Valur Aðalsteinsson. To my friends for all the pep talks during the process of all of this; Gissur Þórhallsson, Ragnar Egilsson, Harry Wright.

To all the bands and artists that inspired me in this, nothing happens in a vacuum.

To Mom
To Dad (RIP)



all rights reserved


FALK Reykjavik, Iceland

FALK - Fuck Art Let's Kill is the name of our combined interest in what we think is important in some vague way. We make something and release it to fend for it self. To kill or be killed. Such is the way of the FALK.

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